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At We Deserve Better, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between law enforcement agencies and communities. Our mission is to foster stronger relationships, promote mutual understanding, and create safer, more inclusive environments for all. Discover More


We are a nonprofit organization committed to building bridges between communities and law enforcement agencies through collaborative initiatives, education, and advocacy. Our goal is to promote empathy, trust, and effective communication. 

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Our Mission

At We Deserve Better, our mission is clear: to build bridges between communities and law enforcement agencies. We believe in fostering empathy, trust, and effective communication to create safer and more inclusive environments for everyone. Through collaborative initiatives, education, and advocacy efforts, we address the gaps that exist and work towards positive change.



Bridge the Gap

Develop programs and initiatives that facilitate positive interactions and understanding between communities and law enforcement agencies.


Educate and Empower

Provide educational resources and training opportunities to both community members and law enforcement personnel to enhance their knowledge and skills in areas such as cultural sensitivity, de-escalation techniques, and conflict resolution.


Advocacy and Policy Influence

Advocate for meaningful reforms and policies that promote transparency, accountability, and fairness in law enforcement practices.


Community Engagement

Engage community members and stakeholders through outreach events, workshops, and dialogue sessions, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration in our mission.


Community Outreach Programs

Organize community events, workshops, and forums that facilitate open dialogue, trust-building, and understanding between community members and law enforcement personnel.

Training and Education

Develop and deliver training programs that equip both communities and law enforcement agencies with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate challenging situations effectively.

Policy Advocacy

ngage in legislative advocacy efforts to influence policies and reforms that promote transparency, accountability, and equitable practices within law enforcement agencies.

Resource Center

Establish an online resource center to provide educational materials, best practices, and support networks for communities and law enforcement personnel.

Our Supporters

We extend our sincerest gratitude to the Walmart Community Grants Team for their generous support and belief in our mission.